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New Adventures

My wife and I have talked recently about how it seems we have hit a point in our life where we have experienced enough life to figure out the things we love and are faced with infinite possibilities to pursue.

My wife is taking a leap chasing one of those possibilities, she’s starting a photography business. So let me introduce to you Tara Nichole Photography.

I realized Tara had a great eye when I was working as a video editor for a church. It seemed when Tara was behind the camera, she always caught a great angle. She seemed to really enjoy it. As she slowly grew into it, she realized how much she enjoyed doing photography. Doing the things God has designed you to do is exactly what being a living sacrifice is about. So thanks to my dad lending us his camera and letting us buy it from him eventually, Tara is starting to do personal and family lifestyle shoots, and is sharpening her skills as an event photographer.

Follow Tara Nichole Photography, check out some of her work, and think about contacting her to encourage or schedule a shoot in the Phoenix Area. – Facebook Fan Page – Twitter

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