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Neighborhood Watch

My dog may be a spy, or a creeper.


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Hinge Moments

I have recently started reading “Quitter” by Jon Acuff. In a chapter talking about figuring out what exactly your dream is he talks about “hinge moments”

“A hinge moment occurs when you are planning to do something standard and normal, something you’ve done many times before, like turn a key in the ignition. And then seemingly out of nowhere, something, a small detail usually, hinges you in a different direction. A chance encounter at the grocery store, a stranger’s random comment, one line in an article you read pushes you to a place you were not expecting to go – Page 44”

In reading this, I began to reflect on hinge moments in my life, one in particular came to mind-

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Almost there

Just over a week until this semester is over for me, working on finishing up some major semester projects, probably will be turning them into blog posts as well. Thankful that I also do not have to face Christmas media responsibilities at a church, no way I could do both now. What are you working on now as Christmas approaches?
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Buried in Books

These are my textbooks for this semester, well, the ones that are in print anyway. Add on another 2-300 pages of notes, handouts, and electronic books and you have all my required reading for this semester. When I finish this semesterĀ I will have written 60-70 pages of papers in response to these readings and other research.

Holy. Crap.

Overwhelmed is an understatement. Despite that, I’m excited to read many of these books. One I am particularly excited about is Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger by Ronald Sider. From what I have gathered it will be a book that is going to really challenge my thinking in my American Christian world.

What are you reading now? What have you learned from it?

Well, back to reading.


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How do you decompress?

Life is hectic and stressful.

I have re-discovered something I love doing to decompress and have some time to just think and refresh.

I love working on cars. I have had a 65 mustang since I was 15 and a half, and spent most of my high school life working on it. It currently sits in my garage patiently waiting for me to finish school and be able to put in the time and effort to restore it. Since we have bought our house, I have rediscovered the joy of having my own garage to do work on, rather than paying someone else to do it. I recently did a bunch of repairs on both my truck and my wife’s car and it has been incredibly refreshing. It is a place where I can sit and figure out how to fix things, and it also brings me back to when I was a kid sitting in the garage with my dad learning how to do brakes, oil changes, and other maintenance.

In an effort to learn more about you dear reader, I would love to hear about what you do to decompress. Do you write? or thrift shop? What is it that you do that refreshes and refills you?

Please comment below, maybe I will find something else to do from your suggestions.

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First Dates

Eight years ago today (April 26) I was 17, and nervous. I was getting ready for my senior prom, what is usually the culmination of a period of life. Little did I know (well, maybe I had a little idea) that it was also the beginning of something major.

My senior prom was my first date with Tara, my wife. Although we had gone out before-hand, and gone to a casual dance at school, but my wife calls prom our first date. I still am not sure what the other nights out were, but apparently they were either not good enough/ fun enough to be counted as a date by my wife.

We went to dinner at the Top of the Rock with my best friends from my high school years, in fact, the guys that went with me to prom were all in my wedding four years later.

I was nervous, really nervous. It was the first of many times I saw her all dressed up, and I’m sure I had to scoop my jaw off the floor.

Eight years.

It feels like forever and yesterday.

She has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Needless to say, it was the best first date I ever went on.