New Address

I’ve chased this domain for a while and finally was able to register it. Please update your bookmarks to alivingsacrifice.com


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Almost there

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Just over a week until this semester is over for me, working on finishing up some major semester projects, probably will be turning them into blog posts as well. Thankful that I also do not have to face Christmas media responsibilities at a church, no way I could do both now. What are you working on now as Christmas approaches?

Never Stop Starting

My last attempt to blog regularly failed pretty miserably. I’ve decided to give it another shot. So here we go.

My name is Zack, I am a 20-something trying to figure out where my niche is. I am a follower of Jesus and know that my vocational and spiritual calling is the same, to reach my generation and the one right behind me. I grew up in church, spent most of my life going through the motions that any good church brat is supposed to do. I really didn’t fully get what it meant to follow Christ until I was about 20. I have been an intern of some sort at a church pretty much from the time I started high school, and I am looking forward to finally starting seminary in the spring. The blog title comes from what seems to be the story of my life as I try to really learn what it means and costs to totally follow Jesus and be a living sacrifice that is willing to stay on the altar.

I am married to an amazing woman named Tara, who if you saw her you would think she ended up with me by losing a bet. Its not that I’m just that lame, she’s just that amazing.

I want this blog to be about my life, so it will cover things going on in my life, my ministry, my personal bible study, and the Dodgers, my beloved baseball team from L.A.

I still think blogging is pretty self centered, but I feel like I need to get better at getting my thoughts out and processing them, and this is one of the ways that I will be doing that.