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Who am I? My name is Zack.

I grew up in church, spent most of my life going through the motions that any good church brat knows. I didn’t get what it cost to really follow Christ until I was out of high school. I am a student at Phoenix Seminary where I am pursuing a Master’s of Divinity with a focus on biblical communication. I married an amazing woman named Tara, who if you saw her you would think she ended up with me by losing a bet. It’s not that I’m just that lame, she’s just that amazing.



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This blog is about my life, so it will cover things going on in my life, my ministry, my personal bible study, the Dodgers, and whatever else I happen to find interesting.

I think blogging can be self-centered, but I feel like I need to get better at getting my thoughts out and processing them, and this is one of the ways that I will be doing that, hopefully without being too narcissistic.