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Hinge Moments

I have recently started reading “Quitter” by Jon Acuff. In a chapter talking about figuring out what exactly your dream is he talks about “hinge moments”

“A hinge moment occurs when you are planning to do something standard and normal, something you’ve done many times before, like turn a key in the ignition. And then seemingly out of nowhere, something, a small detail usually, hinges you in a different direction. A chance encounter at the grocery store, a stranger’s random comment, one line in an article you read pushes you to a place you were not expecting to go – Page 44”

In reading this, I began to reflect on hinge moments in my life, one in particular came to mind-

I was a junior in high school, deeply involved in my church youth group serving as a leader in various ways mostly relating to audio visual operation and playing my bass guitar. It was a normal part of my life as I worked my way through high school before going to college to pursue some degree doing something prestigious like being a surgeon, you know, something important. My youth group was in transition, our youth pastor had resigned and my pastor was in the process of hiring a new one. One wednesday before youth service, while I was setting up, Pastor Monty called me into his office, as we talked, he told me he wanted me to preach on an upcoming Wednesday night, in shock, I agreed, secretly thinking “this is going to be a disaster” Over the next two weeks I worked on putting together my first sermon ever, to preach to my peers and friends. Pastor Monty met with me to go over what I was planning to talk about. I had chosen a safe topic, the importance of God being the priority in your life. Looking back, the sermon was terrible on paper, but Pastor Monty was encouraging and approving of my work. He believed in me, and that gave me the confidence to go through with it.

The night I preached was the first night our new youth pastor was at service. I had talked with him for all of 5 minutes before getting up and preaching to him and his youth group, I don’t remember how it went, but it was probably filled with approximately 3,000 “um’s” “likes” and “uh’s” as I tried to keep the microphone from shaking in my hand.

I don’t know if anything I said was particularly profound or life-changing to anyone in the room, but it set in motion a huge change in my life that resulted in telling my youth pastor that summer that I thought God might want me to become a pastor. My new youth pastor Carl almost immediately took me on as an informal intern, giving me access to anything and everything relating to what went into being a pastor. It was the catalyst of my life’s calling and the dream that I am pursuing now.

And it all happened because Pastor Monty believed in me and supported me. A simple moment that took my life from well planned to exciting and fulfilling.

What is your hinge moment, a point you look back at and realize it was the catalyst for your dreams?


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