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First Dates

Eight years ago today (April 26) I was 17, and nervous. I was getting ready for my senior prom, what is usually the culmination of a period of life. Little did I know (well, maybe I had a little idea) that it was also the beginning of something major.

My senior prom was my first date with Tara, my wife. Although we had gone out before-hand, and gone to a casual dance at school, but my wife calls prom our first date. I still am not sure what the other nights out were, but apparently they were either not good enough/ fun enough to be counted as a date by my wife.

We went to dinner at the Top of the Rock with my best friends from my high school years, in fact, the guys that went with me to prom were all in my wedding four years later.

I was nervous, really nervous. It was the first of many times I saw her all dressed up, and I’m sure I had to scoop my jaw off the floor.

Eight years.

It feels like forever and yesterday.

She has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Needless to say, it was the best first date I ever went on.


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