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Keep on grinding

Luke 10:24 “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.”

One of the great misconceptions of people who come to Christ is the idea that all of a sudden life’s wrinkles and bumps just go away. Jesus right here says that living a life following Him requires effort. Following Jesus requires a daily decision to put others before yourself, and to put God’s direction and laws ahead of your depraved, sinful desires.

Sometimes being a Christ follower is hard. It would be a lot easier to just do what I want, and to go with the flow and not stand for anything, it also would lead to living a life of complete insignificance and selfishness. Usually about the time that I start to feel really sad for myself is when I am reminded of the crap that Jesus went through here on earth, and how he just continued to serve people to the point of allowing Himself to be murdered by His own creation. Even as He prayed to Father God that if there was another way for salvation, He chose to follow God’s will and not his own, and just kept on following.

That is my encouragement, if Jesus continued to grind it out to the point of death for me, then I can keep on grinding it out, doing the best I can to follow Jesus and show/tell others about the Salvation He brings. I have been saved by Jesus, it Has changed my selfish, depraved, heart to desire to serve others and serve Jesus, its still a process, but its a process that is worth sticking with, I don’t want to reach the end of my life to find out that I tried to enter the narrow door, only to give up  and find the door closed and locked.


One thought on “Keep on grinding

  1. KheKhe says:

    Hi Zach !

    glad I came by to check out your blog definitely gave me some things to ponder. the first thing was your use of the word depraved. my initial thought on that was Wow- that’s a strong word I’m not sure I would use that one. which made me think.. why am I not ok with that word ?
    in the end this is simply because I don’t want to think that my sin could be “bad enough” to fit into that category. that depraved is a word that could be used to describe my heart.
    I realized that in a way there is power in knowing that all sin is sin and equally depraved. After all Jesus wouldn’t have forgiven much if all my sins were little, not that bad, or not as bad as others. In fact the continuation of that thought process could easily lead to thinking there is no need for God; that would leave me at the end of my life to “Find the door closed and locked” I can think of nothing more devastating.
    Thank you for the reminder of the enormity of Christ’s sacrifice, his perseverance in the face of death.

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