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Prayer project update – slow out of the gate

So a few weeks ago I made a post about my desire to get better at prayer, and study what the Bible teaches about prayer. So far it has been a slow start, I am getting better at setting aside time from my day to pray, but am far from it being a daily thing. So far it has been encouraging to feel like I have an active dialouge with God. I frequently take time to thank God for things in my life and to share my hopes and fears, it has encouraged me and I am beginning to be more aware of God’s blessings and provision for my life. And as Christmas approaches, becoming more aware of Jesus’ love for me and all of us to give up heaven to be a part of his own creation and submit himself as a substitute for our mistakes.

In what ways do you recognize God’s provisions in your daily life?


One thought on “Prayer project update – slow out of the gate

  1. Mike Hodits says:

    In recent daily activities it has become harder and harder for me to recognize His provision’s in my life. Prayer is one of the hardest discipline’s and I believe the lack of it is the cause of the chasm in my relationship with Him. But there are those days where the blinders are removed, if not for a temporary moment, and I can see all He has done for us and myself. If not in a beautiful sunrise or sunset, in the cleansing rain that He sends down from above.

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