The Walk

Change is in the air

Its cold, finally.

If you don’t live in the desert, you probably do not have the same appreciation for when the temperature drops as us desert dwellers, but in a place where there are two seasons (Nice and Holy Crap its Hot) The change is exciting.

Change is in the air.

I feel like I have been in this constant state of hoping for “someday” to come, I think it might finally be here. The other day a blogger I read, Jon Acuff ( Tweeted this quote “Comfort is a cocoon that turns into our coffin” and it really hit me. I was comfortable for quite some time with where I was, talking about where I want to be someday. The problem was, I was not doing much to move towards that goal. The past few months have been volatile for me emotionally, I swing from contentment, to fear, to anger, to joy, and all over the place. I haven’t understood the events that have happened that have caused me a lot of frustration and confusion. I think I am starting to. God is making my “comfortable” uncomfortable. He is not allowing me to stay where I am and be content, He is prodding me to get moving, to make changes, to take on responsibilities. For all my hopeful talk of the future, I didn’t really want to move. It is a combination of my comfort now, and the fear that what I hope for is not attainable, or that I will fail in reaching for my goals. So I have chosen to feel like a failure, but a comfortable failure, rather than to fail reaching for my goals.

I think that time of comfort is over, God is done with me sitting and waiting. It is time to move. So here I stand on the edge of the boat, taking a breath and getting ready to step onto the water.


One thought on “Change is in the air

  1. Elder brother Zack “step to the edge, breathe, then jump”. Whatever God says, do it. Obedience is more important to God than anything else. You can not worry about money, what people think, the springs, northshore, whatever… Just do what he says.

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