The Walk

Unmerited Grace

The other day I was watching the first sermon of Mark Driscoll’s sermon series on Luke. He was talking at the end about the video he shot in the Holy Land for the series. At the very end he said he was asked repeatedly through Facebook and Twitter what the most interesting new thing he learned about Jesus. Below is his answer, and it completely blew my mind.

Wow. I think all of us thought that moment was a minor moment of compassion someone showed Jesus (Which is typical of our prideful selves, trying to redeem humanity at least a little bit). This just completely blew my mind as I realized the absolute depravity of the human heart and how completely hopeless we are to do anything that would merit God’s grace or favor. Then it humbled me as I realized Jesus gave forgiveness to us as we murdered him. And I really mean WE murdered him. Every sin we committed was another reason He needed to die.

This is a love and grace I cannot understand. God humbled himself and came to be murdered and humiliated by His own creation, so that we could be reconciled to Him. Try to find a religion in the world like this. You won’t find it. Real Christianity is completely unique. It can’t be made up, because who would choose to have their made up God submit himself to the abuse of his own creation?

If you haven’t before, all I ask is for you to investigate Jesus.


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