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Painful Reminders

Today was a very exciting day. Our church rented out a movie theater so that we could do one service all together, rather than the three we usually do on a weekend. It was a lot of fun for me, we did a little intro video, and seeing something I made on a full blown movie screen was a cool moment. Worship was exciting and loud, which i personally loved. Pastor Mark had a very challenging message that he was very passionate about. Since I was running media, I was paying close attention, but not really having things sink in, but one quote just grabbed a hold of me and really made me think today. It was a quote from Penn of Penn and Teller. Paraphrasing, he basically said, If someone really believes that Heaven and Hell is real and that Jesus is really the way to life, then how much do you have to hate someone to not say a thing about it to them?


I can’t be concerned about creating awkward situations, or not fitting in anymore. I have to start loving others like I love myself. Cause the story of my life has been one of self love, and a passive hatred of others: that must just make God want to puke when I live my life like that and then try to stand before him with my bag of meaningless crap that I think makes me worthy to be in His kingdom. God, don’t let this be my story anymore.


2 thoughts on “Painful Reminders

  1. Shannon Hartman says:

    It affirmed for me what I’ve been saying lately of Jesus’ style of preaching, he was blunt. He was not PC, nor was that his focus. He cut straight to the point and rightfully so as his time was short. I’ve started going through the gospels one by one, I’m on Luke now, and Jesus talked about heaven and hell plenty. He focused on the most pertinent issue, salvation, which was/is his purpose, and we should do the same. Spreading the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ without being PC or dancing around the issue of hell, but bluntly putting it out there…At the same time, it can be easier said than done as there is also a proper time and place. It ultimately takes the Holy Spirit’s moving to bring someone to Christ; So we need to keep those unsaved people that God brings our way in our thoughts and prayers, praying that God provides the opportunity for us to share the gospel with them. This might be the “water cooler” conversation where you talk about how your weekend was INCLUDING what went on at church, this can CREATE THE OPPORTUNITY to talk more about it when the Holy Spirit urges them to ask more and engages that conversation. Another example, possibly going along with the last, is as Pastor Mark put it, invite them to church . I’ve also been thinking about service lately and how serving others really ministers to people, is an excellant way of showing/acting out God’s love for people, definately creates an opportunity to talk about Jesus and something I need to pray more about in how God can us me in that area. Then lastly, living a holy and honorable life before God in such a way that get’s people to ask what’s different about you and that difference is Jesus, that last one is something I pray for often. I had scriptures to go along with what I’m saying tonight, but it’s late and too tired to look them all back up, I’ll try and share them later. Til next time Zack, God bless ya and thanks for the thought provoking blog. I might have to try this wordpress out later, hadn’t heard of it before. šŸ™‚

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